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Letter from the Director

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Dear friend,​​

As Alicorn Healt's Director of International Operations, I am thrilled to share with you some details about the exceptional qualities and benefits of our unique global health and lifestyle program.

A revolutionary program in the panorama of wellness and health at 360 degrees, Alicorn Health perfectly integrates the needs  of its customers with their desire for an absolutely healthy and worry-free lifestyle.

By belonging to Alicon Health, you will be connected 24/7 to your personal team of doctors, clinical coordinators, lifestyle professionals and even our network of specialists. You can also take advantage of the most popular health facilities in the world.

Whether it's an emergency, a hospitalization, the annual Executive Check-Up, a routine medical visit or just a quick question, your personal team will always work tirelessly to monitor, manage and optimize your health. remotely or on site, wherever you live, work or travel.

Can't wait to give you the​​ welcome to our program and share all the benefits of Alicorn Health.


Paolo Marcos Persichetti
Director of International Operations 
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