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Alicorn Health is a total membership program for your well-being. It is the world's first and only of its kind, an international health and lifestyle program that offers its members open access to highly personalized medical and lifestyle products and services. Our members receive personalized, proactive and continuous attention to achieve optimal health, achieve maximum longevity and enjoy a truly exceptional quality of life.

How does the membership program work?

Customers paying an annual membership fee have access to an extensive program of personalized medical and lifestyle services. As our member you will be connected 24/7 to your personal team of physicians, clinical coordinators, lifestyle professionals, specialists and healthcare facilities in Alicorn Health's most renowned network. Your dedicated team will create a continuous and proactive health plan designed and customized specifically for you.

What are the benefits of joining membership?

The Alicorn Health Program is founded on years of extensive medical research and experience, implemented by an elite team of physicians and lifestyle professionals, you will benefit from the latest advances in science, diagnostic technology and evidence-based medicine everywhere you live, work or travel. Whether it's an emergency, a hospitalization, a routine medical visit or just for a quick question, your personal mobile team always works remotely or on site to monitor, manage and optimize your health around the clock.


Below are some unique benefits our customers enjoy, among many others:

  • Annual best-in-class executive physical exams and periodic follow-up visits.

  • 24/7 connectivity with technical and medical staff via telephone, video conference, email, SMS or satellite phone provided if you reside or travel to remote areas.

  • Continuous remote supervision of the patient's clinical evaluation and medical management.

  • Second Opinions from specialists affiliated with leading institutions worldwide.

  • Private health and wellness coach with continuous fitness and nutrition assessment.

  • Five-star all-inclusive services at Alicorn Health locations around the world.

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with built-in telemedicine services.

  • Personalized medical assistance, advice and planning for international travel.

  • Exclusive wellness validation reports.

  • Updates on medical technology.

  • Complete telomeres and genetic diseases, allergy sensitivity, genetic drug testing and counseling.

  • Advanced First Aid / Acute Care Coordination and Inpatient Care.

  • Medically relevant and patient specific products and devices.

  • Additional products and personalized services available, including and not limited to: home visits by your medical team, personal safety details, exclusive events in​​ Worldwide.

Where and when can I meet my medical team?

Our physical exams and follow-up visits are tailored to your specific health plan and regularly scheduled at one of our facilities.

How can I contact my personal medical team and what happens in an emergency?

Your personal team is ready to take control of any situation and is available for medical advice and support on a daily and routine basis, as well as any immediate action needed in the event of an emergency or hospitalization. You are constantly connected around the world via phone, SMS, email, private video consulting.

Am I too young / too old to benefit from this program?

The Alicorn Health program is highly personalized and tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each member regardless of age. Our services, initiatives and products are uniquely tailored to meet all of your health and lifestyle goals.

How much does the subscription cost?

Alicorn Health offers an unprecedented entry-level subscription, further tailored to your specific medical needs and any additional à la carte products and services desired.

When do I pay the annual membership fee?

When you first enroll in the program, the annual fee must be prepaid in advance by bank transfer, credit card, or cash before your first meeting with your medical team and later on the anniversary of your enrollment.

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