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Alicorn Health is the first-ever, all-inclusive Health and Lifestyle Program dedicated exclusively to the most influential individuals in the world. Since it provides an incomparable and exceptional level of expertise and customer service on a 24/7 basis, it is priced accordingly.


We provide an unparalleled, base-level membership, further customized by your specific medical needs and any additional a la carte products and services desired. As no two individuals are alike, the annual investment is determined by combining your choice of additional services and your customized health plan, which is created using personal information you provide in initial consultations with your team of clinical and lifestyle professionals. Your membership fee is confidential and only disclosed privately by our Membership Director.


When you first join the program, the annual membership fee must be prepaid in advance by either bank transfer, credit card or in cash prior to your first in-person meeting with your medical team, and on the yearly anniversary of enrollment thereafter.


Retaining such a high-level US-based professional medical team on-call for you constantly on a global scale would be a daunting task even for individuals with immense wealth, and its basic costs alone would exceed more than ten times the cost of annual membership .  Alicorn Health leverages advanced medical and communication technology and an extensive global network of clinical and lifestyle professionals, our uncompromising investment on behalf, and for the sole benefit, of our distinguished clients.


Enjoying your best possible health each day and living a truly worry-free life, whether you are at your home or anywhere else in the world is priceless.  Your Alicorn Health membership provides an extraordinary value and is your key to security and wellbeing for the rest of your life.

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